Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The dream

I recently had an interesting dream. For the most part, my nightmares have stopped. Though a recent dream really has got me thinking. It wasn't a nightmare; it was actually quite enjoyable. In the dream, I survived through the war and went on to live a happy life. I went through all the happy times in that life. The rest of that life was going to be very happy; compared to what I had gone through.

As with most dreams of that life, I wake up thinking I'm still in that life and it takes me a while to realize I'm in the new life. It sounds morbid, I know. After waking up from this particular dream, I think I'm an old lady and I did in fact survive (I would have been 78 now had I lived--very weird to think that).

Depression took over me that day. It made me realize that there is so much I need to teach people--regarding what happened to the innocent deaths of so many children, and of course that past lives are very real and how we need to learn from them in order to spiritually grow. I was also depressed because I learned in my dream what my life would have been like had I survived--and I began to get angry about my life being taken from me. That wore off pretty quickly, because I've learned never to regret. There's a reason why things happen. But that doesn't mean that I don't get upset about that from time to time.

This may sound very weird, but the few times I get really emotional and cry over this, I feel like a spirit is here consoling me. Like she's telling me relax and not let it get to me like this. I've seen my spirit guide in my dreams many times, so I have a feeling it's her. It's sort of a comforting feeling.

You know, one positive experience, after all the sadness I go through, happened while I was in Auschwitz. In case you don't know, I can see spirits. We were staying in Auschwitz; right across the street from the camp. I know, what a morbid place to stay. I thought it would be good for me. Late at night I decided to take a walk over there (though of course the gates weren't opened). It was so serene. No one would ever expect millions of people had been brutally murdered and tortured on those very grounds just 70 years ago. Anyway, I had never seen anything like it--definite child spirits running all over the place. You could tell they were playing. There was a real serene sense among them. That's kind of an understatement because I can't find the right word to use. They were all very happy to be there with one another and didn't seem like they wanted to go anywhere since they were having fun. Normally I communicate with spirits to make them crossover, but I didn't feel the need to with them. I guess because they were happy.

Stay tuned for more... I hope I'll be able to write fairly soon again and not space it within 4 months like I let happen to the other entry!!

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