Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a background to those who may not know.

This blog is going to be solely to help me with the rest of my novel (which is about 70% completed). I find myself a bit stumped as to where to go next with it, so I hope this will help. The other reason for this blog is to let people know what my story will be about. It's a deep topic that can't really be explained briefly; thus the reason for this blog. My goal is to also help people discover their past lives and learn from them.

I have to go into a bit of detail before I start actually discussing about the story. Most of my life I've dealt with scars from something I couldn't quite put my fingers on. It was only until about 4 years ago that I put the pieces together and realized it had to be past life related since it had nothing to do with my current life. I've had specific nightmares ever since I was young enough to even know any historical events. On top of that, irrational fears I couldn't explain from this life at all.

Spirituality has always been something I've been fascinated by; specifically past lives and how they influence our current lives. I started studying them as a young teenager. I was always reading about this topic. It was probably these books that helped me put the pieces together.

Now, I'm not religious by no means, and quite honestly, I can't stand organized religion. I was raised Roman Catholic (ironically, when I was little I told people I was Jewish. More about that later), which isn't supposed to believe in reincarnation. All I have to say is, whatever. Religion shouldn't tell you what to believe in and what not to. Let yourself decide that.

Ever since I was very little, I've had this repetitive dream. But as I got older, the more details I dreamed. It felt so real unlike any other dream I've had. It didn't hit me until years later that it could be an indicator of a past life. I actually researched what I saw in the dream, and it was 100% accurate. I'll discuss this more in the next entry. Here's the dream I've had most of my life--

I'm walking down a path that has a lot of pebbles. I'm about 9 years old and I'm walking with a lot of people. Most of them look upset and have their heads down; as if they know what's about to happen isn't good. I'm all alone and think to myself, "this is it, I'm going to die." I specifically remember there being a cold chill and it was early morning. It was very foggy and the air was thick. We walk a long way down this path; nearly a mile or so. We then are led into a path into the woods. The trees around us are tall and skinny. Next thing I remember is being naked and shivering. We're being herded into this red brick tiny house with a window on each side, and a wooden door. As soon as I walk in, I wake up and realized I just died.

As I got older, the continuation of the dream happened--I was laying there and noticing everyone around me was dead. I was dragged out of the building by my hair and was trying to get the person's attention. I was drifting in and out of consciousness. My chest felt so heavy that I could barely breathe. The person dragging me looked lifeless without a care in the world until he saw I was alive. He hushed me to be quiet. A guard in a uniform came over and smacked him with his pistol. He then shoots me, and I wake up.

Between that, my fears that I noticed go hand-in-hand with this dream, and random flashbacks while I'm awake, make me 99% convinced I died in the holocaust as a young girl.

Each entry will be about how I've discovered this past life of mine, and how it affects me to this day. It's something I struggle with everyday still. I'm hoping it will help me finish the story, and that people will find this blog interesting.

I will be updating this often, so stay tund. Spread the word to others who might be interested in this topic. I'd appreciate it.